Freelance Business Training For Creatives

Earn more, do less, and run your business with confidence. 

Are you confident with your creative skills but struggling with your freelance business?

Freelancer life can be very overwhelming.

It is easy to feel completely out of your depth as a creative business owner… this is totally normal.

The reality is that you’ve probably never really been trained or given the tools and support you need to run a successful creative freelance business in today’s marketplace.

And you can’t keep ‘winging it’ anymore.

You need to figure out what works for YOU – your dream lifestyle and your business.


It is time to bridge the gap between your creativity and earning money, doing less, and feeling like a confident professional. 

At Business of Creativity, we work with photographers, designers, videographers, and other freelance creatives who are:

  • tired of riding the income rollercoaster of a gig economy and want to create predictable income
  • struggling to understand their value and feel confident in their pricing
  • oeverwhelmed with trying to be consistent in marketing and wish they had more clients and projects they love
  • longing for a doable schedule and maybe even a vacation but can’t seem to manage their time and energy
Get the training, resources, and support you need to have a life AND making a living doing work you love.

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“I learned how to create packages and critically think about pricing, no longer undercharge for my services, and am better able to recognize the value I bring to my clients.”

Jodi Toews, Designer

Mastering Freelance Business For Creatives

We meet freelance creatives and solopreneurs at whatever stage you are at in business to help you make more money, overcome imposter syndrome, and live a balanced life.

Online Courses

Training, group coaching, and one to one support specifically developed to help creative, passionate freelancers learn how to do less, feel better, and earn more. Delivered live by master instructor, Aura McKay.

Business Coaching

Private business coaching to walk you through the exact steps you need to take in your creative freelance business and start living your dream of having a life and making a living doing work you love. 


You don’t have to do it alone. Growing a successful creative business takes focus, clarity, and consistent action. Community helps to support us, hold us accountable, and inspire us to keep going.



“I am more confident in powerfully saying no to jobs that are not high in financial return or a fit with my creative and business goals.”

Vanessa Fukuyama, Fortune Hill Photography

What makes Business of Creativity different?

We get that the ‘business’ side of running a freelance creative business isn’t intuitive.
And it’s certainly not part of whatever you did to learn and master your craft.

We also get that most online courses and programs are good at
delivering information but don’t really set you up for significant, lasting change.

So we do things a little differently…

Community & Connection

We get it. Being a freelancer or solopreneur can feel pretty lonely. Connecting with others on a similar journey can help you go farther, faster. We are better together.

1:1 & Group Support

We believe in both group support and one on one feedback. Weekly live Q & A sessions, co-working sessions, and private support are included.

Training & Resources

Our training is based on real world experiences and specifically designed for the creative mind. Workbooks, downloads, and additional resources .

And we don’t take this responsibility lightly. We believe whole-heartedly in delivering what we say we will.

We believe:

  •  It is absolutely possible to be wildly successful as a creative entrepreneur.
  •  Success lies in having a framework within which you can be creative and profitable.
  •  The only thing stopping you is a lack of training, resources, mindset, or structure.
  •  Knowledge is potential power. Application and actions produce results.
  •  We are better together. With a network of support, you can go further, faster, and serve more people.

You are already great at what you do, it’s time to be great at your freelance business too.