Pricing creative services is way more complicated than pricing a product or a trade service. 

You are trying to set a dollar value on ideas, innovation, and talent. 

It's no wonder you are feeling confused or second-guessing your pricing.

How do you know if you are charging 'enough' for your creativity? Too much? 

How can you feel confident in your freelancer pricing? 

This episode of Coaching for Creatives offers some ways of thinking about pricing that will help you feel more confident (and ultimately earn more!). 

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0:00 Are You Charging Enough Money
0:19 Pricing Creative Services Is Complicated
1:53 Are You Charging Too Much
2:21 Different Ways To Price Creative Services
2:54 How To Know You Should Be Charging More
4:18 Positioning Yourself In The Marketplace
4:31 When You Are Likely Not Charging Enough
5:00 Delivering Less For The Same Price
5:15 An Example Of Not Charging Enough
6:24 You Don't Have To Increase Prices
7:17 When Your Market Is Telling You To Charge More