Two Reasons Your Marketing Isn't Working

Yes…marketing your own freelance services can be confusing and overwhelming.

Especially when there are so many different ways to attract, engage, invite, and convert prospects into clients.

For most photographers, designers, and other creatives there are TWO BIG REASONS your marketing isn't working for you.

This episode of Coaching for Creatives looks at how you can be more effective with your digital (and in person) marketing.

What do you think is the main reason your marketing isn't working?

0:00 Two Reasons Your Marketing Isn't Working
2:16 What Is A Marketing Strategy?
5:05 The Seven Ps Of Marketing
7:53 Digging Down Into A Marketing Plan
9:06 Getting Some Feedback

Host: Aura McKay, Business Coach For Creatives
Founder of Business of Creativity

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