Creativity, Play, and Inspiration

Why am I talking about creativity as a business coach? 

When you are selling our creative services, our ideas and talents, you need to be able to tap into your creativity 'on demand'.

What can you do to access your creativity and ideas more easily? 

This episode of Coaching for Creatives explores creativity, play, and inspiration so you can blow your clients away with your ideas.

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0:00 Creativity, Play, and Inspiration
2:27 No Longer Creating For Your Own Enjoyment
4:21 When Your Creativity Becomes A Job
5:39 Where To Find Inspiration
5:55 Look Outside Your Craft
6:25 Scheduling Time For Play
7:10 Permission To Do Art Badly
8:13 Getting Paid to Do Work You Love
8:28 Sometimes We Create Insecurity
9:11 Seeking Inspiration With Intention
9:40 Where Do You Go For Inspiration
9:49 What Do You Do For Play