Elevator pitches, 30 second networking speed intros, talking to strangers about what you do…..none of it sounds very fun for most freelance creatives.

A powerful and well crafted introduction can create the kind of first impression that leads to clients you love.

This episode of Coaching for Creatives shares some of my best tips for crafting a powerful and compelling introduction and why I believe they matter so much.

How confident are you with how you introduce yourself?

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0:00 Powerful Introductions
1:33 What They Want to Know About You
2:23 More Clients, More Business, Less Stress, Growth with Confidence
3:38 The First Question
4:21 The Second Question
4:51 Your Ideal Client
5:07 The Third Question
5:46 The Fourth Question
6:24 The Last Question
6:51 Having A Clear Call To Action
7:51 The Five Questions Recap
8:02 A Popular Framework for a Powerful Introduction