How to Say No with Confidence with Aura McKay

For a lot of creatives, saying 'no' can be really challenging. 

And when we have trouble saying no, we can end up burnt out, underpaid, and overwhelmed. 

Today's live Coaching For Creatives is a conversation about how to say 'no' with confidence. 

Are you someone who says yes way too often? Or says yes to things you'd really rather not do? Or don't have time for? 

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0:00 How to Say No with Confidence 
2:18 Why Are You Afraid to Say No
3:13 Setting Boundaries
3:39 What Does Yes Look Like
4:51 Is It Creatively Fulfilling
5:19 Is It Financially Fulfilling
6:02 Would My Mom Be Proud Of Me
9:06 Saying No Without Really Saying No
9:32 Yes, And…
10:39 Ways To Practice Saying No