As creative freelancers and solopreneurs, we are often told to price based on 'value' or market the 'value' you deliver not the time it takes you. 

So what is value? 

How can we separate our self-worth and net-worth?

These are the questions we are exploring in this episode of Coaching for Creatives.

0:00 What Is Your Value To Your Clients
2:07 What Does Value Mean To Us
3:04 What You Decide It Means To You
4:01 Being Seen Aligned With A Brand’s Messaging
6:31 Value In A Particular Area Of Expertise
6:54 Value Coming From Places You Don’t Recognize
7:21 Ask Your Clients What Value You Bring
7:43 Looking At The Challenges Your Clients Are Facing
8:06 Levels Of Value To Explore
9:17 It’s Not About Your Self Worth

Host: Aura McKay, Founder of Business of Creativity
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