Riding The Rollercoaster Of The Gig Economy

Being a freelancer is awesome! And then some days….it's not so awesome. 

Photographers, designers and other freelance creatives know all to well the highs and lows of working in a gig economy. 

The struggles to balance time, energy, and money when everything is changing and uncertain. 

This episode of Coaching For Creatives offers some tips on how to make riding the rollercoaster of a gig economy easier and smoother. 

What are your biggest challenges as a creative freelancer? Or what are your best tips?

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0:00 Riding The Rollercoaster Of The Gig Economy
1:54 Being Consistent In Your Marketing
2:16 The Importance Of Energy
2:49 Done Is Better Than Good
3:42 Securing Predictable Income
4:58 Paying Yourself Consistently
6:33 How To Avoid Working 20 Hours A Day