No matter what stage of your freelancer journey or what stage your business is at, these same three obstacles keep coming up.

Learning the skills to overcome these obstacles and having the support to implement them has changed the lives and revenues for my clients and mastermind members.

Share in the comments what your biggest current obstacle is and I will show you how it still comes down to one of these 3 things.

Today on Coaching for Creatives I share the 3 biggest obstacles to your success as a creative freelancer AND how to overcome them.

0:00 The 3 Biggest Obstacles To Freelancer Success
1:47 Focus And What To Focus On
3:02 The Challenge Of Figuring Out What Is Your Priority
4:56 How To Know When You Can Shift Your Focus
5:24 Doing A Lot Of Work But Not Really Getting Anywhere
8:41 How To Make Things Happen
9:41 Getting Distracted From The Actions That Really Matter
10:05  The 3 Biggest Obstacles For Freelancer Success
10:29 My Challenge To You

If you can find the skills or develop the skills to overcome these three biggest obstacles, that you will have a much higher velocity towards your own success in your creative freelance business.

I am always here to answer your questions. If you like to have my one-to-one input on your creative business and what your obstacles are, please reach out and book a free call with me.

That's what they're there for is to serve and support you my community members in really learning how to thrive and master your creative business.

Host: Aura McKay, Founder of Business of Creativity