In this episode of Coaching For Creatives I share my top tips for closing more sales!

Based on my own experience as a professional photographer for more than 2 decades and the successes of the hundreds of photographers, designers and other creatives I've helped to earn more money.

From the initial inquiry to the proposal to getting the contract signed, I give you some very specific tools you can use immediately.

00:00 Sales Tips For Freelancers
00:53 Tip Number One – Listen More Than Talk
02:35 Tip Number Two – Have A Framework
04:42 Tip Number Three – Present Your Proposal
07:03 Tip Number Four – Book The Follow Up Call
08:02 Tip Number Five – Handle All Objections Before Price
09:36 Tip Number Six – Ask For The Sale

Host: Aura McKay, Business Coach For Creatives
Founder of Business of Creativity

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