Are you struggling to understand whats the difference between marketing and sales?

Freelancers often struggle with both marketing and sales, especially when it comes to promoting themselves and closing their own clients. 

One of the biggest things standing in the way of their success is understanding the difference between marketing and selling. 

0:29 Marketing Versus Sales
0:47 A Lot Of My Clients Are Digital Marketers
2:07 Blurred Line Between Marketing & Selling
2:29 Marketing Is About Talking & Sales Is About Listening
2:41 In Marketing, You're Telling A Story
3:22 Selling Is A Two Step Process
3:54 Marketing Is About Giving Information
4:09 What Does Your Client Care About
5:14 What Is Marketing Vs Selling
5:45 Two Things That Happen In A Sales Conversation
6:48 When Your Clients Understand Your Value
7:27 Making People Aware Of Your Offers
7:37 Demonstrating Your Credibility
8:09 Care More About Your Client's Success Than The Sale
8:30 Being Confident In Saying No When Necessary
9:22 Showing Them How Much We Care
10:22 When Does Marketing Stop & Sales Begin
10:39 My Upcoming Mini Course

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Host: Aura McKay, Founder of Business of Creativity