Marketing Confidence For Creatives

Build your marketing confidence and consistently attract clients you love and work that inspires you. 

Are you confident with your creativity but struggling with your marketing?

  • Sure, you get clients but they aren’t the clients you really want to work with.
  • You don’t really know where to start with your marketing, so you just avoid it. 
  • You know you do good work but feel uncomfortable when you try to talk about it.
  • You’ve tried a few different marketing things and nothing seems to work.

If you are a photographer, videographer, designer, copywriter, or other service based creative running your own business and you:

  •  are clear on your business and yet still struggling to attract clients you love
  •  have tried the ‘spray and pray’ marketing method and feel overwhelmed 
  •  are ready to feel confident when talking about your value and what you do
  •  want to build a step by step action plan for marketing that you’ll actually implement

Then you have come to the right place.


“This is first time I have ever had a marketing plan and ideas to implement – and actually turned them into new habits that created different results!”

Martina Voss

Upholstery Couture

Simplify your marketing. Feel more confident. Get work you love.


Marketing Clarity

Know your value. Be clear on what makes you unique. Feel confident in explaining why clients should hire you. 

Clients You Love

Align your marketing message with the clients you love. Identify the solutions they want. Know exactly where to find them. 

Consistency & Mindset

Have a specific marketing plan. Build your confidence as you practice consistency and implementing your plan.

“Finally started streamlining my marketing and positioning myself as a professional versus simply work for hire = better clients and projects.”

Jodi Toews

Graphic Designer

Marketing Confidence For Creatives

Live Online Training Starts on June 17, 2020

  •  Focus your marketing activities and stop wasting your time
  •  Have a clear message so you can feel confident in your networking
  •  Create consistency in working on your marketing instead of avoid it
  •  Feel confident in your value, pricing, and messaging

Foundation Skills
Week ONE

Session 01

All marketing starts with looking at your business model and goals. Review your framework so you can build the marketing plan to achieve your goals. 

  • You & Your Dream
  • Your Offers & Prices

Session 02

The foundation of marketing is in understanding:

  • The Buyers Journey
  • 4 P’s of Marketing



Clients You Love
Week TWO

Session 03

Not all clients are created equally.

You want to stop wasting your time and start focusing on attracting clients you love and projects that inspire (and pay!) you.  

  • Identify Your Ideal Client

Session 04

The key to attracting clients you love is talking to them about things they care about.  

  • Getting to Know Them
  • Solutions They Want

Your Marketing Message

Session 05

Clarity and confidence in your marketing message will help you be more effective. Your message includes:

  • Your Brand Personality & Tone
  • What Makes You So Special

Session 06

Mastering the elements of a  powerful introduction that you feel confident with and positions your value is at the core of crafting any marketing message.

  • Your Powerful Introduction

Your Marketing Plan

Session 07

Every plan has a destination or desired outcome. Simplify your efforts and maximize your results when you: 

  • Choose Area of Focus
  • Set Meaningful Goals

Session 08

Knowing  what to say and where to start is often the biggest challenge for creatives. 

  • Message and Format
  • Specific Action Steps



Our core commitment is making sure that you get the information you want and the support you need to apply and see results. 

These next two weeks are designed for you to practice mastering your marketing confidence. 

  • Implement Your Plan
  • Extended Q & A Session

One on One Support
Week SIX

Personalized feedback from an experienced expert on your marketing message and plan. 

Your one on one support session gives you specific things to adjust so they run more smoothly and get you better results.

  • Private Support Session
  • Extended Q & A Session


Refine & Recommit

Session 09

Building your marketing confidence includes measuring your successes and adjusting your approach until you develop a proven pathway to profit.

  • Review Your Results
  • Adjust Your Marketing Plan

Session 10

How will you maintain your momentum and consistency?

  • Setting Up for Success

One on One Support

At Business of Creativity, we aren’t going to leave you high and dry. We want to make sure that you have all you questions answered. 

You get a full year of access to the materials and recordings. You get lifetime access to the Facebook Group. 

And, you get a private strategy call to make sure that you feel confident with your marketing.

  • Private Support Session

Marketing Confidence For Creatives

8 Week Live Online Program

Starts June 17, 2020

  • 2 live online training sessions per week. Training session topics support building your marketing confidence and step by step plan.
    Wednesday & Friday @ 12pm (pdt) 10 sessions x 90 minutes.
  • Weekly live online Q&A sessions. Support you to be in action and actually apply the learning to your business.
    Every Monday @ 12pm (pdt) for 8 weeks 
  • Private 1:1 support sessions in week 6 and week 8. Break through stumbling blocks and gain greater clarity on your specific business. These sessions are with our founder and expert, Aura McKay
    Book support sessions to match your schedule. 2 sessions x 60 minutes.
  • Access to all recorded training sessions, recorded Q&A sessions, and additional tools and resources through your membership login to your student dashboard
  • Membership in our Slack community. Interact on your cohort’s private channel or access the full community in the open discussion channels. Slack is a messaging platform that allows us to maintain confidentiality while leverage the support of the wider Business of Creativity community. 
  • Includes FREE registration to our LIVE 2 1/2 Day workshop in Vancouver BC

Apply by June 5, 2020


Cash Flow Options

Pricing Adjusted for Covid Compassion


Early Bird Extended to June 15,2020

Have a question? Talk to an advisor

Marketing Confidence for Creatives is NOT for you if you…

  • are still trying to figure out and focus your ideas and passions
  • need immediate cash flow instead of long-term, sustainable results
  • expect to get things right the first time instead of through consistent practice and revisions
  • are too busy to work ON your business for 3 to 6 hours a week
  • already have all the tools and systems you need to help your business thrive

We can still help, it’s worth talking with us.


“I turned a really challenging situation into a win/learning experience by taking things less personally so that I’m able to make objective marketing decisions.”

Vanessa Fukuyama

Fortune Hill Photography

At Business of Creativity we do online programs a little differently:

Our programs are:

  •  Always live so we can really connect and serve you while you learn
  •  Recorded so you can go review as much and whenever you want to
  •  Multi-layered with group AND one on one support while you apply the strategies and lessons in your business
  •  Specifically designed to help creatives like you focus on what matters most so you can master the business of creativity
  •  Comprehensive with resources, workbooks, and lifetime access to the Slack community for additional support and connection

 And…there are things we DON’T or WONT do.

  • Pre-recorded, same old same old ‘online courses’ that talk at you without really helping (all of our training is done LIVE and is interactive)
  • Quick fixes or magic formulas (success takes time and effort – if it was easy you would already be doing it)
  • Done for you solutions while you sit back and coast (this is YOUR business, YOUR life, you are the key to creating want you want)
  • One and done training that abandons you before you implement (taking action takes something, usually it takes structure and support)

We’ve helped many creatives just like you, take one small action…
and another and another…to design, build, and grow their businesses with confidence.

Application Form

Marketing Confidence For Creatives is only accessible by application.

We are committed to meeting you where you are in your creative journey.

And unlike other platforms that care more about your credit card than your success, we won’t let you pay for something that isn’t what you need.

The application process helps us know that you are ready for this level of work. Or to better match you with the training, resources, and support you actually need right now.

It also helps us curate the group. So that you can trust that everyone else is at a similar level and you are with the right people to go on this journey with.

STEP ONE: Set your Time Zone

STEP TWO: Pick a date and a time -> Continue

STEP THREE: Complete the short application form

Why Business of Creativity?

We’ve helped many creatives, just like you, take one small action and another and another to design, build, and grow their businesses with confidence.

Once you have a framework to focus your time, energy, assets, and passions, you need to do the work to attract the clients you love and create the lifestyle you want.

The Marketing Confidence Builder live online program is led by Aura McKay, our founder, the creator of The D.A.M.N. Plan, and international award winning photographer. Aura has almost 2 decades of experience as a successful creative entrepreneur and as a business and creative skills instructor at various institutes.

While she does have a background and education in financial management and marketing communications, it is her years of personal development and studying of transformational modalities that help make this so much more than sitting in a chair listening to someone talk.

Aura brings mindset to the conversation of business to truly support freelancers and solopreneurs with one of the biggest and most important blocks to success – themselves.

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