Private Business Coaching For Freelancers & Solopreneurs

You and your business are unique. You want expert feedback and coaching on your specific challenges and ideas. 

If you are a photographer, designer, or other creative freelancer you already know…

  • how challenging it is to ‘wear all the hats’ in your business and having to do ‘all the things’
  • how hard it is to make those big (and sometimes small) decisions without having someone to bounce your ideas and options off of
  • how difficult it is to stay motivated and be consistent in working on (not just in) your business

Being a successful creative freelancer takes a lot more than talent – there are a LOT of moving pieces to think about and a seemingly never ending to-do list.

Do you wish you had someone who knows your industry, understands your challenges, and has practical input, ideas, and solutions to help you achieve your goals faster?


Private Business Coaching is for you.

Feeling stuck or uncertain? 

Ready to reach out to a new market but don’t know where to start? Want to get some expert advice on how you’re running your business? Need help figuring out your prices?

You don’t have to do it alone. 

A One Off Business Booster is your chance to get one to one feedback and support on your freelance business with an experienced coach and without having to commit to longer term coaching.

  • breakthrough your obstacles 
  • increase your clarity
  • boost your profits 


Not being consistent or focused?

You already know that taking consistent actions towards your business goals is the quickest way to success. Actually doing it is tough – especially on your own. 

Accountability Coaching connects you with an experienced business coach for weekly meetings to help you:

  • know which things to focus on and which things are distractions
  • be consistent and accountable
  • feel productive and confident

Ongoing support to keep you motivated and taking consistent and meaningful action towards your dreams and goals.


Ready to grow your business?

Growing a long term, profitable, and fulfilling freelance business all on your own can feel overwhelming.

A private business coach is like your expert guide, helping you navigate your way to earning more, doing less, and feeling confident.

Private Business Coaching is for you if you:  

  • have been working in your business for a while and want to make some big changes
  • do best when you get to learn things at your own pace and have time to process
  • have dreams or goals and want help figuring out HOW to achieve them


“The consistency of our accountability has really helped me to stay focused on taking the actions I need to take every day to grow my business with intention! I’m so grateful for her help with my mindset AND my marketing message.”

Anna Beaudry

Anna Beaudry Photographic Design

Aura McKay, Founder and Lead Instructor of Business of Creativity

Hi! I’m Aura McKay.

As a freelance creative and entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I know how challenging it can be to feel confident and stay motivated.

Working with a private business coach is one of the fastest ways to building confidence and results in your freelance business.

And…in my experience of training and coaching hundreds of freelance creatives, coaching works best when there is alignment.

My commitment is to only work with clients who are a match. Where we are aligned in our communication styles and values. And when what they need is exactly what I can provide.

So book your Alignment Call with me today, let’s talk about your challenges and your goals. Let’s discover if I am the right coach to help you live the dream of making a living and having a life doing work you love. 

Accountability and Business Coaching are very personalized services. A no-obligation conversation is a great way to find out if we are aligned.


We’ve helped many creatives just like you, take one small action…
and another and another…to design, build, grow, and master the business of creative freelancing with confidence and ease.

“Working with Aura as my coach, I was able to achieve my dream of moving closer to the mountains a full year sooner than I had thought! I was also able to streamline my marketing, and expand my offers. I’m making more money and living my dream lifestyle. “

Jodi Toews

Jodi Toews Design