Business Accelerator Mastermind For Freelancers

Community, ideas, and accountability to help you grow your creative business faster.

If you are a photographer, graphic designer, writer, or videographers and you want:

Connection & Community

Feedback & Expert Advice

Brainstorming & New Ideas

Referrals & Resources

Accountability & Coaching

This business mastermind for freelancers is for you!

Month to Month – No Long Term Commitment


Canadian $ – Tax Included

Commit to 6 Months – Get 1 Month Free


Canadian $ – Tax Included

A Community Of Committed Freelance Creatives Like You 

You don’t have to do it alone. This is a curated group of working freelancers committed to helping each other and to growing their businesses.

  • Leverage the experience, resources, and support of other creative freelancers and solopreneurs.
  • Connection and knowing others are having the same challenges is invaluable and reduces the feeling of isolation.
  • Support partners can provide the accountability you need to take consistent meaningful action on your freelance business.

Expert Feedback And Ideas From An Experienced Coach

Group coaching sessions with creative business expert, Aura McKay, offer you the chance to get expert feedback on your specific challenges.

Get help with things like:

  • Copy writing for your new offer page
  • What to say in your client reach out messages
  • When should you pay to advertise
  • And so much more….

A Consistent Habit For Business And Personal Growth  

Weekly meetings help create the habit of consistently working ON your business instead of IN IT.

The Mastermind sessions help you maximize and leverage the contributions from the group:

  • Learn from the mistakes and successes of others
  • Access the expanded contacts and links from the full group
  • Connect outside of meetings to get even more support
  • Brainstorm ideas and get contributions from qualified sources

A mastermind for freelancers is a group of creative individuals that come together to create more powerful results than we can by working on our own. 

Here’s How The Business Accelerator Mastermind For Freelancers Works…

Stay focused on what matters most, take consistent action towards your goals, and feel connected, confident, and courageous as you move toward mastering the business of creative freelancing.

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Mastermind Meetings

Twice a month mastermind / group coaching meetings (90 minutes each) to connect with and contribute to other freelance creatives, create a consistent habit of working ON your business, and leverage the group wisdom, knowledge and experience to accelerate your results.  2nd & 4th Tuesday at 9am (pst)

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At the start of every month you are guided to focus on what matters in the month ahead, set clear intentions, and define the action steps to achieve your goals. Having an accountability buddy for the month helps to keep you moving and motivated. Start doing the things you keep meaning to get to! 1st Tuesday at 9am (pst)

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Once a month attend a live, facilitated co-working session. Drop in and have focused time to work on your accountability goals together. Taking consistent ACTION is the fastest way to achieve results.  3rd Tuesday at 9am (pst)

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Optional Private Coaching

Sometimes we all need a little boost. One off private coaching sessions are only available if you are a member. Vitamin A sessions are booked as a 2 pack of 30 minutes sessions. Invest in the one to one support you need, when you need it. 

Business Mastermind For Freelancers gives you the connection, feedback, accountability and support you need right now in your freelance business.

Month to Month – No Long Term Commitment


Canadian $ – Tax Included

Commit to 6 Months – Get 1 Month Free


Canadian $ – Tax Included

I had a potential client that I was in touch with last year reach out to see if I’m interested in working with them during their crunch time this year and what my rates are…I took the opportunity to bump up my rate and suggested we work out a retainer. They’re interested in working together and we’re chatting Monday! Thank you for the support, the practice and the encouragement BAM Fam!

Kassara Harder, Graphic Designer

We do Business Masterminds a little differently:

Our mastermind groups for freelancers are:


  •  Curated to make sure that we are all creatives (content developers, designers, photographers, coaches, etc…)
  • Recorded and stored in your online student dashboard so that you can review as much and whenever you want to
  •  Multi-layered with both masterminds and group coaching with expert business coach, Aura McKay
  •  Specifically designed to help you focus on what matters most and take consistent actions
  •  Safe places to deal with challenges, experience breakthroughs, and feel connected to community
  • Opportunities to practice your networking skills and role play your sales and marketing so you feel confident in the real world

Our mastermind groups for freelancers are not:


  •  Group therapy sessions or places to work out your emotional traumas. We care. We really do. We just aren’t qualified to support you with deep mental health healing.
  •  Casual, willy nilly, come as you please gatherings like a Facebook Group. Our meetings have a code of conduct and a commitment of contribution from our members.
  •  In depth training sessions. Yes, you often get great tips, tools, ideas, and input (especially from Aura) but if you want to learn business, marketing, or pricing strategies…take one of our programs.
  • Quick fixes or magic formulas (although huge breakthroughs happen all the time!). They are the on going support you need to master the business of creativity.

Business Mastermind Groups have helped many freelance creatives just like you, take one small action…
and another and another…to design, build, grow, and master the business of creativity with confidence and ease.

“Shout out the BAM Fam for the practice on introductions and talking about my passion and owning it, because I nailed my “elevator pitch” intro at the beginning of the meeting and it led to so much awesome conversation and further questions!”

Jayme Dunn, Photographer

Aura McKay, Business Coach and mastermind for freelancers leader with Business of Creativity

Hi. I’m Aura McKay.

As the Founder of Business of Creativity, I am passionate about supporting creative freelancers and solopreneurs to have a life and make a living doing work you love. 

I am a huge fan of the group coaching and mastermind format.

You know how it is always easier to solve someone else’s problems? And how your own challenges get solved when you see how someone else approaches it? And how you are way more consistent at working on your business when you have a deadline?

As a trained and experienced mastermind facilitator, I help members to leverage the full power of shared group knowledge, resources, and contacts to accelerate your results.

Of course, I also bring my own experience as an international award winning photographer, expertise in financial management and marketing communications, and years of experience coaching other creatives. 

Your Business Accelerator Mastermind For Freelancers Membership Options

Month to Month – No Long Term Commitment


Canadian $ – Tax Included

Commit to 6 Months – Get 1 Month Free


Canadian $ – Tax Included

“Every single week I get something valuable from this group. Often the feeling of connection and not being so alone is worth showing up for on its own! The weekly 2 minute tweaks to my business and marketing are starting to pay off.”

Brian Giebelhaus, Photographer