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Separating Self Worth From Net Worth

May 19, 2020 @ 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Speaker image for Rising Tide Society: Tuesdays Together with Aura McKay, Founder of Business of Creativity

How to end imposter syndrome, enhance creative fulfillment, and reduce stress, overwhelm, and depression.

When we first start down the road of creative entrepreneurship we are inspired by passion, lead by optimism, and protected by naiveté. We are buoyed by the encouragement and praise from our friends and family. We are grateful for any opportunity to get paid (no matter how little) just to do what we love.

This is a beautiful time – full of it’s own special kind of uncertainty and so many wonderful ‘firsts’.

And then things start to matter more. We start to think about our pricing. We pay more attention to what is happening around us. We step outside of our comfort zone to start marketing to strangers and being more vulnerable with our offers. This could be a ‘real business’. And we start to doubt.

Am I even good enough?
I’m not making enough money; I must be terrible at my craft.
What is wrong with me? Everyone else is doing so great and my business sucks.

No matter where you were in your journey of creative entrepreneurship before the pandemic, we are all now having our own versions of emotional and mental highs and lows. Those times of crushing self-doubt, wondering if things will ever work out, feeling totally overwhelmed and stressed out from all the uncertainty and ‘to do’s’ that are not yet ‘ta done’.

This is a live online workshop. Link to join is sent after registration.


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