Set yourself up to earn more, do less, and feel more confident.

Focus your time, energy, and money on what really matters.
Clarity on what success looks like for you 

Actions to take for the next 90 days

September 28th, 2023 @ 9am (pst) - 12pm (pst)
 10am mst | 11pm cst | 12pm est

You have been hustling and 'winging it' for long. 

You keep trying to do ALL THE THINGS for all the people. Be on all the social media platforms, follow all the new marketing trends, work on creating original content, reaching out to make meaningful connections, answer emails, update your website, do the admin work, make new promo pieces.....breathe. 

Core Beliefs for Freelance Success

There's a better way...

When you can focus your time, energy, money instead of spreading it out over too many different areas, we are better able to leverage it and see bigger results. 

Okay, you're smart. You get that.

But where should you be focusing? And how will you know if it's working? And what is the first step you need to take? 

Core Beliefs for Freelance Success

 helps you get back to running your business by design instead of by default.

This workshop walks you through a series of steps specifically designed for entrepreneurial and multi-passionate minds to help you:

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Eliminate Distractions

Uncertainty has caused a lot of us to question what we are doing instead of trusting our gut and our experience. We have been distracted by all of the things other people are doing and say we 'should' 'ought to' 'must' do in our own business. 

You need to focus on the things that matter to YOU and your bottom line. 

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Have A Clear Target

Picking your focus just points your time, energy, and money to a specific area. It doesn't give you a clear target to aim for. 

Creating overall goals and mapping out the milestones that are going to help you get there is the next step to accelerate your results in the last quarter of the year. Clear goals are what will drive your actions and get you results.

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Know How To Get There

You know what matters. You have a clear target to aim for. You still need to plan out how you are going to get there. 

What actions will you take? Are those actions in alignment with your focus and clarity? 

You will walk away from this workshop with specific, meaningful actions  to take for the next 30 days. 

Aura McKay, Founder and Lead Instructor of Business of Creativity

Hi! I'm Aura McKay

I am the Founder of Business of Creativity and for over 20 years, I was a successful creative freelancer making a living and having a life doing work I loved. 

After coaching and training hundreds of freelancers and entrepreneurs, the number one barrier to success is the same thing almost every time: a lack of focus, clarity, and meaningful actions. 

This past couple of years have proven to be even more challenging. All of us have had to make adjustment and change our plans. For many, you just haven't had the energy (or courage!) to make new plans when there is still so much uncertainty. 

I believe that creatives need an alternative to old school, 20th century business theories that don't actually work for for multi-passionate people in a gig economy.  

I believe that it takes more than more information to achieve great results.

I believe that if you can focus on what really matters, have clear goals, and take meaningful actions....anything is possible!

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