Framework for Freedom

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Make a living and have a life doing work you love. 


Live Online Training, Resources, and Support
to help creatives run their business by design instead of by default.

You’re already great at what you do, it’s time to be great at business too.


If you are a photographer, videographer, designer, copywriter, or other service based creative running your own business and…

  • you are past the idea stage and know that you need to run your business by design and not by default 
  • you are shifting, expanding, or re-focussing your business to new clients or new offers
  • you want to design, build, and grow a long-term, sustainable business and are tired of winging it
  • you are tired of second guessing every decision and feeling like an amateur or imposter
  • you want a framework to help you take meaningful actions with more clarity and better results

Then you have come to the right place.

Framework for Freedom is business design for creatives.

Traditional business planning is too rigid for the dynamic nature of the creative services industries and the multi-passionate creative mind.
You need 21st Century skills to help you navigate today’s economy and compete in a rapidly changing marketplace.
You need a framework for your business, within which you can be wildly creative while earning a great living.

Design Your Dream Business

Create a framework for your business that focusses your passions, guides your decisions, and gets you to that dream lifestyle. Having a plan means you get to plan…things like vacations. 

  • Have a clear plan of action to build and grow your creative business


Get Better Results, Faster

Most of us feel like things take way too long before we start seeing a return. By focusing your time and energy on what really matters and taking consistent actions….you will start to see better results, faster!

  • Start taking consistent, meaningful actions and achieve your goals


Feel Fulfilled In Life & Business

Design a business that supports the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of. You know the one where you have autonomy over your time and get to do things you love. Master time management and setting boundaries.

  • Leverage your time and energy to live your dream lifestyle


“My favourite part was the structure, tools, and worksheets….these really helped me organize the chaos and get a big picture view of my business. I now have clarity and focus.”

Cyril Wong

Net Butlers Inc

Framework For Freedom

Run your creative business by design instead of by default. 

  • Stop second guessing your decisions, start feeling confident in your business
  • Set your business up for long term sustainability and profit (in any economy)
  • Be smart and intentional about your time, money, and energy to get the most out of life 

Framework for Freedom

 LIVE Online Program


  • 13 weeks of live training and weekly q & a
  • Live online training led by experts covering business, marketing, and strategy topics to support your journey 10 x 90-minutes
  • Weekly live online Q&A sessions 12 x 30-minutes.
  • Two Private 1:1 support sessions (week 6 and week 11) to help you break through stumbling blocks and gain greater clarity.
  • FREE registration to our LIVE 2 1/2 Day workshop in Vancouver BC 
  • Access to all recorded training and Q&A sessions through your membership login.
  • Membership in our Slack community where you can interact on your cohort’s private channel and open discussion channels with the wider community.
  • Lifetime membership in our Facebook community where you can interact with other members and share ideas

Covid compassion pricing for 2020


Regular tuition fees


At Business of Creativity we do online programs a little differently:

Our programs are:

  •  Always live so we can really connect and serve you while you learn
  •  Recorded so you can go review as much and whenever you want to
  •  Multi-layered with group AND one on one support while you apply the strategies and lessons in your business
  •  Specifically designed to help creatives like you focus on what matters most so you can master the business of creativity
  •  Comprehensive with resources, workbooks, and access to the Slack community for additional support and connection

And there are things we Don’t or Won’t do.

  • Pre-recorded, same old same old ‘online courses’ that talk at you without really helping (all of our training is done LIVE and is interactive)
  • Quick fixes or magic formulas (success takes time and effort – if it was easy you would already be doing it)
  • Done for you solutions while you sit back and coast (this is YOUR business, YOUR life, you are the key to creating want you want)
  • One and done training that abandons you before you implement (taking action takes something, usually it takes structure and support)

We’ve helped many creatives just like you, take one small action…
and another and another…to design, build, and grow their businesses with confidence.

Being a creative entrepreneur isn’t for everybody.

And neither are our programs. Mastering the business of creativity takes something and you need to be ready.

The Framework for Freedom live online business program is not for you if you…

  • are at the idea stage of creative entrepreneurship and haven’t really started yet
  • want a quick fix, magic formula, or someone else to design your business for you
  • want clients without having to do any marketing or sales
  • think that mindset doesn’t have anything to do with your success
  • already have a clear focus and direction for your business and a plan to achieve it

We probably still have resources to help you, it’s worth asking.

“The flexibility of the framework helps me feel like I am better set up for success versus feeling like I am trapped, or forced to do a specific thing, in order for it to be considered a success.”

Vanessa Fukiyama

Fortune Hill Photography

Why Business of Creativity?

We’ve helped many creatives, just like you, take one small action and another and another to design, build, and grow their businesses with confidence.

And it starts with a framework to focus your time, energy, assets, and passions to attract the clients you love and create the lifestyle you want.

The Framework for Freedom workshop is led by Aura McKay, our founder, the creator of The D.A.M.N. Plan, and international award winning photographer. Aura has almost 2 decades of experience as a successful creative entrepreneur and as a business and creative skills instructor at various institutes. While she does have a background and education in financial management and marketing communications, it is her years of personal development and studying of transformational modalities that help make this so much more than sitting in a chair listening to someone talk.

Aura brings mindset to the conversation of business to truly support freelancers and solo-preneurs with one of the biggest and most important blocks to success – themselves.