Get More Clients in Your Creative Business

You want practical, do-able steps to take RIGHT NOW.
Register today for this no fluff, live-delivered, valuable training with master instructor, Aura McKay.

February 23rd, 2021 3pm to 4:30pm (pdt) 


You missed out!

This live workshop teaches you how to:

  • identify and find your ideal clients
  • post compelling content on social media
  • design your offers to make selling easier

Feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or frustrated when it comes to getting more clients?

Getting clients for your creative business shouldn't be this hard! 

Especially when it feels like you are doing everything right....posting on social media, sending emails to your list, going to online networking events...and you're still not getting clients you love or work that inspires you.

You want to know what you are doing wrong, what you are doing right, and what to do more of to get clients you love and work that inspires you.

This free live training webinar is different from the usual thinly disguised sales pitches. You know the kind I'm talking about, right? A tiny bit of usable content is sandwiched between the presenters epic life story and hyped up case study examples. 

Most of the time is spent telling you how terrible things are for you right now (uh, ya...that's why you are at the thing in the first place) and then trying to convince you that their product is the ONLY solution to all your woes.

This training session is different. Really. Practical training, real world examples, and content you can use - with just a dash of credibility and a whole lot of enthusiasm. 

Business of Creativity is on a MISSION to deliver real, valuable, actionable, fluff-free content
...and still sell stuff : )

How To Get More Clients In Your Creative Business

About 60 minutes of content and 30 minutes of live Q & A
Although, unlike other free live webinars, Aura will stay online until all of your questions are answered.


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Where To Find Clients

You know that there are people or businesses that need what you offer. You just aren't sure who they are or where to find them. 

Identify your ideal clients so that you are confident you are marketing in the right place to people who will hire you.

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What To Say In Marketing

Finding clients is step one, but then what? What do you say in your posts and emails to be more effective at getting clients you love. 

Learn how to craft an effective marketing message and a strategy for what to post on any social media platform.

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How To Make Sales Easier

Most creatives don't realize that the way you design your services (what you includes and why) and how you price them, is a critical element or marketing. 

Learn how to create a compelling offer and the key steps to your marketing that make closing the sale way easier.  

Aura McKay, Founder of Business of Creativity

Hi! I'm Aura McKay

I am the Founder of Business of Creativity and for over 20 years, I was a successful creative freelancer making a living and having a life doing work I loved. 

During my career as an international award winning photographer, I discovered how little support creative entrepreneurs get on business and marketing.  We get all kinds of great training on our creative skills but not so much on getting clients we love and work that inspires us. 

So, using my background in Financial Management, Marketing Communications, and Curriculum Development for various institutes, I designed and built the Business of Creativity. 

I believe that creatives need an alternative to old school, 20th century business theories that don't actually work for for multi-passionate people in a gig economy.  

I believe that it takes more than information to achieve great results.

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Maxine Bulloch


I feel so much more confident in my marketing! And....I have more clients.

Learning to know what to say in any marketing message was the key for me. Speaking directly to my ideal client actually works! 

Manpreet Sokhi

Architectural Photographer

So grateful to finally find training programs that deliver REAL value.

I was so impressed with the free training that I was confident that the paid programs would be even more valuable. And I was right! 

Jodi Toews

Graphic Designer

I had no idea that I was making critical mistakes in my offers.

I thought I just needed to do better at using hashtags. It turns out, adjusting my offers and prices actually made marketing and selling way easier.

Join now! Start getting more clients you love and work that inspires you.

Business of Creativity