Hi! I’m Aura.

You are here because someone that knows you, cares about your future and your success. 

They believe that Business of Creativity can help you have a life and make a living doing work you love. 

I’m Aura McKay. I’m the founder of Business of Creativity and bring with me 20 years of experience as an international award winning photographer, photography tour leader, and curriculum developer at various professional creative industry training institutes. 

One of the reasons your friend trusts me and my team to help you in your creative business is our commitment to meeting you where you’re at.  We want to make sure the program you are looking at is the right solution for what is currently challenging you. 

We care more about your success than your credit card. 

And, if we aren’t a good fit for your entrepreneurial journey, we will do our best to help you find something that is. 

We have live programs, masterminds, and communities for each stage of designing, building, and growing a successful creative business. 

Book a free 45 minute call with me. Let’s chat about your goals, opportunities, and obstacles.  

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