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Live Online Course For Creative Services Freelancers   $97  Now ONLY $7

Learn how to attract more clients and make more sales with Freelance Offers that Close!

A Step-by-Step LIVE Mini-Course for Photographers, Videographers, Writers and Designers. Learn How To Attract More Leads and Close More Sales, from a 20-Year Creative Freelance Business Veteran … All Without Having To Be Super Pushy or Lower Your Prices.  

Freelance Offers That Close

Complete Training was $97 
NOW Only $7

You don't have to be salesy or inauthentic to attract more leads and close more sales. 

You just need to offer what your clients most want to buy.

And what if I told you that creating your Compelling Offer will help you get clarity on your value and stop you from getting 'ghosted' after sending your proposals? 

If you are a photographer, videographer, writer, or designer and you have been struggling to consistently attract clients you love and close sales on projects that inspire you, this 4 session mini-course is for you!

Register Now for the BRAND NEW LIVE Online Course with Aura McKay for ONLY $7!!!!!!

20 JULY 2021

21 JULY 2021

22 JULY 2021

23 JULY 2021


45 Minutes Training

15 Minutes Live Q & A
10AM MST | 11AM CST | 12PM EST


You missed out!

What you’ll learn in this Mini-Course:

Creative services freelancers are competing in a saturated digital online marketing world. Most are struggling with imposter syndrome, lack clarity in their value, and simply suck at selling. 

In one hour per day for 4 days, this live online mini course changes all that. 
And since it’s live, you’ll be able to ask questions and connect with fellow creatives right away.  

Session One:

They aren't buying what you think you're selling. 

Learn why attracting clients and projects you love means selling them what they actually want and need. 

Session Two:

You are more special than you think. 

Get clear on your value so that your prospects know why they should take the next step and work with you. 

Session Three:

Pricing your services for profit AND sales. 

Calculate your minimum price for profitability so that you can be more confident and close more sales (So critical!!!!). 

Session Four:

Putting it all together in proposals that work. 

Learn how to develop a framework for compelling offers to attract more leads and proposals that close more sales. 

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Meet Your Instructor: Aura McKay

Aura's background in traditional business practices, her years of experience creating and delivering curriculum for creative diploma programs and her decade and a half as an award-winning professional photographer make her approach to the business of creativity totally unique.

She uses her incredible teaching skills to simplify traditional business strategies and explain them in a way that creative entrepreneurs can actually use.

Her own journey through the highs and lows of running her successful creative business and her passion for empowering potential means that she is both a strong support and ruthlessly compassionate.

"Create your dream lifestyle and then build your business to support it."

Aura brings energy, experience, and real world tools to all of her presentations and courses. 

Spots are limited!

Reserve your seat now and join us for a live online course that will change the way you think about what you are really selling. 

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