6 Things To Fix In Your Marketing...
 and how to fix them.

A super simple guide to help creative freelancers like you feel more confident, waste less time and money, and get better results with your marketing. 

Focus On Marketing That WORKS!

Marketing can be confusing, overwhelming, and discouraging. Especially if you are trying to do all the things in all the places – email marketing, social media ad campaigns, special offers, landing pages, seo, and so on and so on. 

Most creative freelancers and solopreneurs are great at their craft. You probably have both the talent and training to do really creative work for your clients.

But when it comes to feeling confident in attracting and closing those clients….not so much. 

It would be so much easier if you just knew what to fix first. A place to start. 

This guidebook helps you:

Identify exactly what is not working with your current marketing

Focus on the kinds of result you want more of

Choose where to start

Let’s be real. It won’t be fast or easy, but it is straight forward and relatively simple. Download the guidebook today.

Aura McKay, Founder and Lead Instructor of Business of Creativity

Hi! I'm Aura McKay

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I am the Founder of Business of Creativity and for over 20 years, I was a successful creative freelancer making a living and having a life doing work I loved. 

During my career as an international award winning photographer, I discovered how little support creative entrepreneurs get on business and marketing.  We get all kinds of great training on our creative skills but not so much on getting clients we love and work that inspires us. 

So, using my background in Financial Management, Marketing Communications, and Curriculum Development for various institutes, I designed and built the Business of Creativity. 

I believe that creatives need an alternative to old school, 20th century business theories that don't actually work for for multi-passionate people in a gig economy.  

I believe that it takes more than information to achieve great results.

Stop wasting your time and energy with your marketing
 and start getting results!

Business of Creativity