Membership Program For Freelance Creatives

Live Training, Group Mastermind, Valuable Resources, and Private Coaching with Aura McKay

Are you confident with your creative skills but struggling with your marketing and sales?

If you are a photographer, designer, or other freelance creative and….


  •  you have tried the ‘spray and pray’ marketing method and feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and disappointed 
  •  you stumble over what to post, blog about, or write in your marketing
  •  you want to feel confident when talking about your value 
  •  you are tired of the rollercoaster of the gig economy and want consistent sales
  •  you’ve taken the free webinars and know  that you need real training 

Then you have come to the right place.

“This is first time I have ever had a marketing plan and ideas to implement – and actually turned them into new habits that created different results!”

Martina Voss

Upholstery Couture

 Feel Confident In Your Value & Message

Know exactly what to say in your captions, DM’s, and emails to create meaningful connections and compelling sales offers. Discover the words and tone that align with your brand and your ideal clients and how to confidently talk about your the value you bring.

 Meet Your Clients Where They Are At

Clients go through distinct stages of getting to know, like, and trust you before they make a decision to hire you.  Simplify your marketing  and meet them where they are at.  Move your ideal clients along your pathway to profit smoothly and predictably. 

Be Consistent & Effective In Your Actions

Relationship marketing is one of the strongest and most effective strategies in todays marketplace. Accountability and community support will help you take consistent actions to create meaningful relationships and avoid the highs and lows of the gig economy.

“I finally started streamlining my marketing and positioning myself as a professional versus simply work for hire. Now I’m getting better clients and more creative projects.”

Jodi Toews

Graphic Designer

Marketing And Sales Accelerator

 Membership Program For Freelance Creatives

Group Sessions Every Other Thursday @10am (pst) & 1:1 Coaching Twice/Month 
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In Depth Training

Live Online Training with Master Instructor Aura McKay

Each training session comes with specific exercises, worksheets, or assignments for you to get feedback on and implement right away in your business. 

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Community Support

Group Q & A and Mastermind leverages the experiences, challenges, and successes of others to accelerate your own journey. 

Go deeper into the training topics, celebrate what works, and get new ideas and feedback.

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Private Coaching

Two Per Month
Personalized feedback and support  sessions with Aura McKay every month.

Book your sessions on your schedule, use them to breakthrough challenges and customize the training  to your own unique creative business.

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Valuable Resources

Always Accessible
You already have some experience with pricing, marketing, and selling your creative services and….

This program provides valuable pre-recorded videos and exercises to fill in any blanks and get you confident in the missing fundamentals. 

Month to Month – No Long Term Commitment
First Month $875 then only


Canadian $ – Tax Included

Commit to 12 Months – Get 1 Month Free


Canadian $ – Tax Included

Included In Your First Month

 We are committed to getting you set up for success.
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1:1 Onboarding & Goal Setting Session

Private 60 Minute Session

  • How to make the most of your membership
  • Clear marketing and sales goals for you and your business
  • Identify areas for biggest growth

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Pricing Fundamentals

Pre-recorded Training Modules

  • Price for Profit Calculator (aka Magic Spreadsheet)
  • Pricing, Revenue, and Sales Strategies
  • Price as a Positioning / Marketing Tool
  • Your Aligned Offer

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Marketing Fundamentals

Pre-recorded Training Modules

  • How Marketing Works
  • Your Buyers Journey
  • Your Core Message
  • Your Brand Voice
  • 30 Day Marketing Calendar
  • Your Client Journey

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Sales Fundamentals

Pre-recorded Training Modules

  • Sales Journey Overview
  • Your Pathway To Profit
  • D.R.E.A.M. Sales Call Framework
  • Objection Handling
  • Proposal Template
  • Compelling Offer Layout

Marketing And Sales Accelerator Is Not For You If You…

  • are desperate for immediate cash flow instead of long-term, sustainable results
  • expect to get things right the first time instead of through consistent practice and revisions
  • haven’t had any training or experience in marketing and selling your creative services
  • are a true solopreneur and like to operate without feedback, support, or community

We can still help, it’s worth talking to us.

Aura McKay, Founder and Lead Instructor of Business of Creativity

Hi! I’m Aura McKay.

As a freelance creative and entrepreneur for more than 20 years, I know how challenging it can be to stay motivated to take action, feel confident in your marketing, and close sales consistently.

Getting the training, resources, and most importantly, the support you need for where you are in your journey is critical to being successful. 

And…in my experience of training and coaching hundreds of freelance creatives, it works best when there is alignment.

My commitment is to only work with clients who are a match. When we are aligned in our communication styles and values. And when what you need is exactly what I provide.

So book your Alignment Call with me today, let’s talk about your freelance creative business and your goals. Let’s discover if this is the right program to help you simplify your marketing, close more sales, and earn more money.

“I actually know what to post on social media. I know what to say when someone asks me what I do. I have so much more confidence and am getting consistent inquiries (and bookings!) from clients I love. Thank you!”

Anna Beaudry

Anna Beaudry Photographic Design

At Business of Creativity we do online programs a little differently:

Our programs are:

  •  Always live so we can really connect and serve you while you learn
  •  Also recorded so you can go review as much and whenever you want to
  •  Multi-layered with group AND one on one support while you apply the strategies and lessons in your business
  •  Specifically designed to help creatives like you focus on what matters most so you can master the business of creativity
  •  Comprehensive with resources, workbooks, and access to the Slack community for additional support and connection

And there are things we Don’t or Won’t do.

  • Same old same old ‘online courses’ that talk at you without really helping you make lasting, meaningful changes
  • Quick fixes or magic formulas (success takes time and effort – if it was easy you would already be doing it)
  • Done for you solutions while you sit back and coast (this is YOUR business, YOUR life, you are the key to creating want you want)
  • One and done training that abandons you before you implement (taking action takes something, usually it takes structure and support)

Alignment Call

Your success is more important to us than your credit card.

We are committed to meeting you where you are in your creative journey.

We won’t let you pay for something that isn’t what you need or suffer through a program that is too basic or too advanced for you to actually use in your business. 

Our Alignment Call process helps us both know that you are ready for this level of work. And to better match you with the training, resources, and support you actually need right now.