Business Mastery For Creatives

You’ve already mastered your craft, it’s time to master your business.

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You are an experienced creative entrepreneur with a clear framework and a strong foundation, you…

  • already know what you should be doing but are not always great at getting it done
  • love being your own boss but don’t love the isolation, schedule juggling, or burnout
  • think you have some good business and marketing ideas but wish you had someone to bounce them off
  • can’t always see solutions for your own problems but are great at solving other peoples’ problems

Mastermind for Mastery is a full year of training, resources, support and community to master your business and accelerate your results.


Monthly experts on topics like marketing messages, pricing and packages, attracting clients, financial literacy, time management, high performance habits and more…give you the training and skills you need to grow your creative business.


Support partners, monthly meetings, private coaching sessions, and focus sheets, workbooks, recordings and other tools and resources to keep you taking consistent action towards your growing creative business.


Monthly mastermind meetings to leverage the wisdom, resources, network, and experience of other established creative entrepreneurs to accelerate your personal and business growth and eliminate isolation.

Are you ready to…

  • grow your revenues
  • master your time management
  • expand your clients and reach
  • be surrounded by people who get you and are ‘going for it’ themselves?

“It is hard to keep perspective about your business in a vacuum – connecting with the others in the mastermind group helps me to gain new perspective. Listening to others challenges helps me explain what I know in a way that helps them and helps me too!”

Martina Voss

Upholstery Couture

If you’re a photographer, videographer, designer, copywriter, or other service based creative running your own business and you:

  • have been in business for more than a few years and are ready to grow, expand, or pivot
  • are tired of the isolation of solo-preneurship and want a real sense of connection and support
  • believe in the power of a curated network to get meaningful feedback and accelerated results
  • know that support, accountability, and structure help you be more consistent AND creative
  • want to reconnect to the passion, creativity and excitement that you had when you first started

Then you have come to the right place.

Being a creative entrepreneur isn’t for everybody.

And neither are our programs.
Mastering the business of creativity takes something and you need to be ready.

Mastermind for Mastery is not for you if you…

  • are a lone wolf and prefer to stay that way, without any contribution from others
  • are looking for immediate gratification and think a year is way to much time to invest in growing your business
  • still need the basics and aren’t ready for advanced training in business strategy and marketing plans

We can probably still help, it’s worth asking.

Mastermind For Mastery

Live Online 12 Month Program

Connection & Creation Session

  • Make meaningful connections with the other members in your cohort, work through the program manual promises, outlines, code of conduct, and structure.
  • Create your ideal outcome from your participation in the program
  • Live In Person and/or Live Online
  • 1 x Full Day

90 Day Focus Sprints

  • The year is broken down into 4 x 90 day focus sprints
  • Focus sheets, criteria for success, action steps

Mastermind Meetings

  • Mastermind meetings are the core benefit of this program
  • Monthly sessions to connect with your community and to leverage their wisdom, networks, knowledge and experiences in a facilitated session.
  • All mastermind meetings are live online and recorded for you to access anytime
  • 11 x 2 hours

Live Training Sessions

  • Specific and relevant business, marketing, and mindset topics to support you on your journey.
  • Some sessions may be led by guest experts.
  • All training sessions are live online and recorded for you to access anytime
  • 8 x 90 minutes

Review, Revise, Recommit

  • You are guided through a process to Review, Revise, and Recommit to your bigger vision goals and set up for the next 90 Day Focus Sprint.
  • All sessions are live online and recorded for you to access anytime
  • 3 x 90 minutes

Big Bounce / Hot Seats

  • Leverage the full power of the group to focus on you and your business to give you the big bounce you need to overcome challenges or reach your dreams.
  • 2 Big Bounce spots available (by request) for each Mastermind Meeting

Support Partners and Accountability 

  • Structured support and training on accountability framework 
  • Monthly support partner pairing within the group
  • 12 months x Support Partners

Membership Area / Student Log In

  • Access to all recorded training, mastermind, and focus revision sessions
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Discussion area for each topic/lesson

Private 1:1 Support Sessions

  • Private support and coaching can help you break through a big challenge or stumbling block, and provide you personalized feedback on your goals, actions, or mindset practices
  • Available to book 2 sessions per 90 Day Focus Sprint
  • 8 x 60 minutes

Slack Community

  • Slack is a stand alone communication tool where you will have access to a private channel for your cohort and access to open discussion channels with the full Business of Creativity community.

Facebook Group

  • Lifetime access

Completion Session

  • Review and reflect on your progress and learning.
  • Completion with your cohort.
  • Live In Person and/or Live Online
  • 1/2 Day

Covid Compassion Pricing


Cash Flow
$350 x 12 payments

Regular Pricing


Cash Flow
$450 x 12 payments

“Way exceeded my sales goals by DOUBLE! And increased my profits. I’ve done a lot of work to re-pattern my brain about not beating myself up when things don’t go my way making it more fun to try things and less stressful for my team.”

Mark Kinskofer

Vision Event Photography

Why Business of Creativity?

We’ve helped many creatives, just like you, take one small action and another and another to design, build, and grow their businesses with confidence.

It takes more than knowledge and information. It takes more than a plan. It takes consistent, focused action to build a strong foundation with a clear marketing message and start generating predictable income.


The Mastermind for Mastery program is led by Aura McKay, our founder, the creator of The D.A.M.N. Plan, and international award winning photographer.

Aura has almost 2 decades of experience as a successful creative entrepreneur and as a business and creative skills instructor at various institutes.

While she does have a background and education in financial management and marketing communications, it is her years of personal development and studying of transformational modalities that help make this so much more than listening to someone talk at you.

Aura brings enthusiasm and mindset to the conversation of business to truly support freelancers and solo-preneurs with one of the biggest and most important blocks to success – themselves.

We believe:

  • That it’s possible to be wildly successful as a creative solo-preneur.
  • The only thing stopping you is a lack of resources, mindset, or structure.
  • Changing your perspective changes everything.
  • Knowledge is power, but it requires consistent action and application.
  • The key to success lies in having a structure and a framework within which you can be wildly creative.
  • We are better together. With a network of support, you can go further, faster, and serve more people.

Application Form

Mastermind for Mastery is only accessible by application.

We are committed to meeting you where you are in your creative journey. We curate each cohort to include like-minded and similarly skilled creatives who have something to contribute. So that you (and everyone else) get’s the most value from this incredible format.

Unlike other platforms that care more about your credit card than your success, we won’t let you pay for something that isn’t what you need.

The application process helps us know that you are ready for this level of work. Or…to better match you with the training, resources, and support you actually need right now.

It also helps us curate the group. So that you can trust that everyone else is at a similar level and you are with the right people to go on this journey with.

Choose a time for your application interview and then complete the form.

Still struggling with clarity, focus, and direction for your creative business?

You may want to start with Framework for Freedom The first stage of creative business mastery is to design your ideal business using the D.A.M.N. Plan system.

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