Boost Your Business

A one off,  private business coaching session for freelancer creatives and solopreneurs to give your business an on-demand boost!

Your creative freelance business is doing okay…and a little ‘boost’ could make things so much better.

As a working photographer, designer, or other freelancer in the creative and marketing services space, you’ve already overcome a lot of challenges on your own.

You’ve worn all the hats, juggled all the balls, and have been riding the income roller coaster of the gig economy with some measure of success

You know better than anyone how difficult it is to be a solopreneur, especially when you are:

  • Ready to take the next step to grow your business
  • Starting to focus your marketing with more intention
  • Struggling with your marketing messaging
  • Debating on raising or lowering your prices
  • Bringing a new offer or service to the marketplace
  • Challenged by your current workload and looking for solutions

Making big picture decisions when you are working ‘in the trenches’ (or in the middle of a changing global economy) is really hard to do on your own. 

It’s a lot. We get it. And we can help.

One Off Business Coaching For Freelancers is the boost you need to get into action and achieve your goals.

“In one session with Aura I gained more actionable clarity than after over 80+ hours spent with other coaches and trying to figure it out myself! If you actually want to breakthrough the spinning and stories so you can get shit done, do yourself a favour and hire her!”

Jannette Anderson


Aura McKay, Business Coach

I am the founder of Business of Creativity, the creator of The D.A.M.N. Plan, and an international award winning photographer. I have a background in Financial Management and Marketing Communications, along with 20 years of experience as successful creative entrepreneur. I feel uniquely positioned to bring you qualified insight on how to run a successful freelance creative business.

My work with various creative institutes, the experience from coaching hundreds of freelancers and creative entrepreneurs, and a life long pursuit of learning and development have refined my expertise on bridging the gap between creative talent and a profitable and fulfilling business.

I have both the knowledge and the experience to recognize what it takes for a freelance creative business to succeed and I am committed to providing you advice you can actually use.


“After being in business for more than 25 years, I was starting to feel burnt out. Your enthusiasm and totally new-to-me ideas got me inspired for the first time in a long time. AND I feel like I know what to do next.”

Martina Voss

Upholstery Couture

How One Off Business Coaching Works…

Book a time and complete the information form.

Follow the instructions below to pick a time for your Business Booster Session that works for you. Sooner is better. Don’t wait, you are ready now.

Fill out the form with as much detail as possible. The more that you share with me in advance, the better prepared I can be for our coaching call. Do your best to focus on ONE main challenge or idea.

Show up open to receive.

We spend 2 hours together, working through your challenge or exploring your opportunity. Calls are recorded so you can be fully present to all the ideas and resources I will share with you during your session. One Off Business Coaching sessions can be hard work – be prepared to answer some hard questions.

Go implement the ideas and solutions.

Having great advice, clear action steps, and tons of confidence is awesome! And…results only come when we implement and take those actions.  You will leave your Business Booster Session with a plan for what to do AND how to make sure you will actually do it.

STEP ONE: Set your Time Zone, pick a date and a time -> Continue

STEP TWO: Complete the form with as much detail as possible.

STEP THREE: Complete payment, save the date, and prepare for your boost!