Price With Confidence

In depth pricing training to help you earn more and stress less.

You’ve already invested so much in your creative skills. You know your work is good.
Now it’s time to finally feel confident about your pricing.

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With Master Instructor Aura McKay
Recorded during live workshop on February 16, 2024 

Know Your Numbers

Understand Your Value

Price For Growth

Learn how to confidently price your creative services for long term profit and growth.

This recording of the live pricing masterclass includes:

  •  Three things you MUST consider before setting your freelance prices
  •  What costs to include when you calculate your minimum price for profitability
  •  Five different pricing strategies and when to use them
  •  Two ways to earn more money without raising your prices
  •  What clients really care about (and will pay more for!)
  •  How to use Revenue Models to make more sales

PLUS – you get the ‘magical unicorn’ Price For Profit Calculator worksheet!

The amazing, colour coded spreadsheet that does all the math for you

There are so many factors to consider when looking at how to price your freelance services – your business costs, your own personal income needs, the perception of value in the market place, client budgets, and the general state of the economy. 

It’s no wonder most creatives feel overwhelmed and confused.
And why some of you have been winging it for so long. 

Price With Confidence is for you if…

  •  you don’t really know (for sure!) if you are charging enough
  •  you want to change how you price and and sell your services
  •  you hear price objections a lot or get asked for discounts
  •  you want to understand your value and how to charge what you’re worth
  •  you are tired of just winging it when it comes to pricing
  •  you are a working visual creative freelancer and…

you are ready to finally feel confident with your pricing and the value you bring.

Aura McKay, founder of Business of Creativity With Laptop Circle

Hi. I’m Aura McKay. 

My style of training is full of enthusiasm and energy. I like celebrations, high fives, and spirit fingers. I believe in taking a series of small steps to get to a goal. And I believe that creatives can design, build, and grow profitable businesses in any economy. 

As the Founder of Business of Creativity, I am passionate about supporting creative freelancers and solopreneurs to make a living AND have a life doing work you love. 

I bring 20 years of experience as an international award winning photographer, expertise in financial management and marketing communications, and years of experience coaching other creatives. 

As part of my signature business plan system for creatives, I built a simple straight forward worksheet to make pricing freelance services easier. This worksheet literally changes lives by helping you know exactly what your price for profitability is.

“Love seeing the profit numbers.

I was never really sure if my prices made sense. Now, I can clearly see how much each service contributes to my overall profit and choose where to focus my marketing.”

Janice Power


At Business of Creativity we do online programs a bit differently:

We promise that our programs are:

  •  Recorded so you can go review as much and whenever you want to
  •  Multi-layered interactive exercises while you apply the strategies and lessons in your business
  •  Specifically designed to help freelancers like you focus on what matters most so you can master the business of creativity

And some things we just won’t do like:

  • Same-old-same-old ‘online courses’ that talk at you without really helping 
  • Promise quick fixes or magic formulas (success takes time and effort – if it was easy, you would already be doing it)
  • Offer training without the support you need to see real results in your creative business. 

We’ve helped many creatives just like you, take one small action…
and another, and another…to design, build, grow, and master the business of freelancing with confidence and ease.