Stuck or Struggling with your pricing? 

Pricing BootCamp

For Creative Freelancers

June 17th to 20th, 2024

11am - noon (pdt) live

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Freelancer without business training or pricing confidence sits at computer

Is it time to raise your prices? 

How do you even know if you are charging enough?

What if you are leaving money on the table?

Is it possible to earn more without raising your prices? 

Does it ever make sense to work for free?

What the heck is 'value based pricing' anyway?

Pricing Bootcamp is for you if you...

* are a working creative services freelancer

* are adjusting your pricing in response to the economy

* are tired of feeling uncertain, embarrassed, or confused about your pricing

* are ready to tackle your numbers in a 4 session bootcamp

This 4 Day Bootcamp may not be the right fit for you if you...

* are still trying to figure our what you sell

* are selling mostly products or art pieces

* just want someone to tell you what to do instead of actually learning

* need a lot of time to process (check out one of our courses instead)


The moment you make a mistake in pricing, 
you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.

Katharine Paine

Price for Profit Calculator

Many creative entrepreneurs avoid all things numbers. Our signature magical unicorn worksheet simplifies things and does the math for you.  Be confident in your minimum price for profit. 

Pricing Models Explained

Understand how different pricing models work - packages, projects, custom. Confidently choose the pricing model that is going to help you close more sales

Meaningful Sales Targets

Tired of uncertainty? Set sales targets based on your actual numbers instead of speculation and fear. Feel confident knowing just how many clients you need to serve and at what price.

How it works...

Daily Live Training

30 minutes of training , 20 minutes of getting it done, 10 minutes of additional Q & A time to fully absorb. Each day we build on the previous days actions. Recordings available if you aren't able to attend live. 

The Price For Profit Calculator

This is a colour coded spreadsheet that does all the math for you! Truly a magical unicorn of a planning tool to guide you to clear minimum prices for profitability and meaningful sales targets for each of your services. 

Bonus Day of Live Q & A

An optional bonus day on Friday for you to bring ALL of your pricing questions for me to ask. Basically a free opportunity to pick my brain. 

Aura McKay, Business Coach For Freelancers and Lead Instructor of Business of Creativity

Pricing is the moment of truth – all of marketing strategy comes to focus on the pricing decision.

Raymond Corey

Topics Covered

  1. 1
    Session 1: Paying Yourself First 
    In addition to learning how pricing is calculated, you will figure out your personal desired income and learn how to actually pay yourself first!
  2. 2
    Session 2: Pricing Demystified
    Different  ways of approaching your pricing (aka Pricing Models), revenue collection, and sales to help you close more clients. 
  3. 3
    Session 3: Know Your Value
    Everyone talks about 'value based pricing' and charge for your value, today is the day you learn how to do it!
  4. 4
    Session 4: Your Minimum Price For Profitability
    The magical spreadsheet will calculate your minimum price for profitability for each of your service categories and help you set meaningful sales targets. 

Hi. I'm Aura McKay. 

As the Founder of Business of Creativity, I am passionate about supporting creative freelancers and solopreneurs to have a life and make a living doing work you love.

I bring almost 20 years of experience as an international award winning photographer, expertise in financial management and marketing communications, and years of experience coaching other creatives. 

My style of training is full of enthusiasm and energy. I like celebrations, high fives, and spirit fingers (on zoom). I believe in taking a series of small steps to get to a goal. And I believe that creatives can design, build, and grow profitable businesses in any economy.

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What others are saying about Pricing Bootcamp...

Jodi Toews

Jodi Toews Design

It finally makes sense.

I've been wanting to set up passive income in my business for years. After using the D.A.M.N. Plan Money worksheet, I was finally able to start planning for this!

Cyril Wong

Net Butlers Inc.

Simple and straightforward.

I like structure, organization, and accuracy. It was simple, straightforward, flexible and gave me the tools I needed to set clear, meaningful goals for my business. 

Janice Power

Janice Power Photography

Love seeing the profit numbers.

I was never really sure if my prices made sense. Now, I can clearly see how much each service contributes to my overall profit and choose where to focus my marketing. 

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You are already great at what you do, it's time to be great at pricing for profitability too.

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