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A masterclass for freelancers in how to price your creative services for profit and growth.

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Wednesdays, Beginning April 21, 2021  

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The moment you make a mistake in pricing, 
you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.

Katharine Paine

You want more confidence in your pricing.

Know what your business numbers mean and how to use them to  set yourself up for predictable income. Feel more confident in your pricing.   

You want marketing and sales to be easier.

Design your creative services based on the needs and desired outcomes of your clients. Align what you offer with what they want to make marketing easier.

You want to understand your value in the market.

Finally understand value and where it comes from, the difference between price and value, and learn how align your price based on that value.

Pricing your creative services can be a huge stumbling block
at any stage of the entrepreneurial journey.

Changes in our economy are causing a lot of creatives to re-think their prices. Many are having to come up with new services and offers. 

One thing that hasn't changed is the way our prices can influence our ability to run a profitable business. 

There are so many factors to consider - business costs, personal income needs, the perception of value in the market place, client budgets, and the general state of the economy. 

Add that to decisions on pricing models like bundling, memberships, or one-to- many.  And pricing strategies like micro offers, promotions, and fast action incentives. 

It's no wonder most creative services providers feel overwhelmed and confused about how to set prices with confidence. 

Join us for live online training, specifically designed for photographers, videographers, writers, and designers.

Designed to simplify the pricing decisions and give you a solid minimum price for profitability for each of your services.

This is the training you need to give you the confidence you want when pricing your creative services. 

5 Week LIVE Online Masterclass
Starts April 21, 2021

Pricing For Creatives Masterclass teaches you how to:

Design Offers That Sell

Design your offers to align with the needs and wants of your ideal client. Get clear on what you include in your packages or day rate and more importantly, WHY. Knowing exactly what you are selling makes pricing with confidence much easier!

Identify Your Value

Finally understand the value that you bring to your clients - beyond the practicality of your deliverables. Identify what makes you unique and what your clients really care about so that your prices truly reflect the difference you make. 

Calculate Profitability

Our signature D.A.M.N. Plan Money Worksheet is a colourful, visual tool that does the math for you! In order to calculate profit, we start with your costs - including your desired income and profit to reinvest back into your creative business. 

Price Your Services

Pricing your creative services is not as straight forward as plugging in numbers to a formula or looking at someone else's price sheet. Choose your pricing and revenue strategy to leverage your price and position in the market place. You've got this!

Pricing For Creatives is for you if:

  • you are a creative freelancer or solopreneur in a service based business
  • you are adjusting your packages (offers) and pricing in response to economic changes
  • you don't really know (for sure) if your pricing is making a profit
  • you consistently hear price objections or get asked for discounts
  • you are ready to feel confident with your pricing and know your value

This Masterclass may not be the right fit if:

  • you are really new to the business of creativity and haven't served very many clients
  • you want someone to just tell you how much to charge instead of doing the work
  • you feel like you need support on your business model first (private coaching is available)
  • you have a fixed mindset or are currently focused on healing your emotional or mental health

If you are ready to finally feel confident with your pricing, your offers, and the value you bring to the marketplace...

Pricing is the moment of truth – all of marketing strategy comes to focus on the pricing decision.

Raymond Corey

How it works.....

In Depth Masterclass Training Sessions

Each Masterclass Session is 1.5 hours of live online training with in class worksheets to get you in action and applying the training right away. Homework assignments take between 1 to 3 hours. Other programs offering similar training are often priced at $700 to $1,500.

Wednesdays @ 9am - 10:30am (pst), April 21 - May 19, 2021

Get Your Questions Answered 

Live online Q & A sessions every week to make sure you are set up for success. You are learning a new way of thinking about Pricing, Packaging, and Positioning your creatives services and we are here to support you.

Mondays @ 9am - 9:30am (pst), April 26 - May 17, 2021

The D.A.M.N. Plan Money Worksheet

Workbooks, checklists, and our signature D.A.M.N. Plan Money Worksheet to help you master your creative business. This spreadsheet will change how you feel about spreadsheets, give you clarity on your personal income needs and sales goals, and help you make sure you are pricing for profitability and sustainability.

Stay Engaged, Supported, and Accountable

We are an online learning platform. This means you have access to a Student Dashboard where all your Masterclass information, schedule, links, recordings, resources, and worksheets are available for the next 2 months. During your Masterclass, you get access to our awesome Slack community to keep you engaged and accountable.

*special professional membership pricing available

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What others are saying....

Jodi Toews

Jodi Toews Design

It finally makes sense.

I've been wanting to set up passive income in my business for years. After using the D.A.M.N. Plan Money worksheet, I was finally able to start planning for this!

Cyril Wong

Net Butlers Inc.

Simple and straightforward.

I like structure, organization, and accuracy. It was simple, straightforward, flexible and gave me the tools I needed to set clear, meaningful goals for my business. 

Janice Power

Janice Power Photography

Love seeing the profit numbers.

I was never really sure if my prices made sense. Now, I can clearly see how much each service contributes to my overall profit and choose where to focus my marketing. 

Hi. I'm Aura McKay. 

As the Founder of Business of Creativity, I am passionate about supporting creative freelancers and solopreneurs to make a living AND have a life doing work you love. 

I bring 20 years of experience as an international award winning photographer, expertise in financial management and marketing communications, and years of experience coaching other creatives. 

As part of my signature business plan system for creatives, I built a simple straight forward worksheet to make feeling confident about your pricing easier. This worksheet literally changes lives. 

My style of training is full of enthusiasm and energy. I like celebrations, high fives, and spirit fingers (on zoom). I believe in taking a series of small steps to get to a goal. And I believe that creatives can design, build, and grow profitable businesses in any economy. 

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You are already great at what you do, it's time to be great at pricing too.

5 Week Masterclass $497*
*special pricing for professional association members

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