Real Talk Networking & Mastermind

Honest conversations about the highs and lows of being a freelance creative.

Every 4th Tuesday from 4pm to 5:30pm (pst) – Free to join.

Photographers, designers, writers, and videographers…

you know what being a freelancer is REALLY like.

feeling isolated or alone
no real feedback
nowhere to practice your pitch
confusion around marketing
overwhelmed from wearing ‘all the hats’
no one to commiserate or brainstorm with

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You don’t have to do it alone. 

Real Talk is a monthly free networking and mastermind online meeting with creative freelancers, lead by experienced facilitator, Aura McKay.

Welcome & Networking

We start with a guided networking session where you get to practice your introduction and get valuable feedback.

BUT….this is not your typical sit around in a virtual meeting room with no idea what to say or how to participate, feeling awkward and tons of pressure.

As a trained and experienced online facilitator for group meetings and masterminds, I set you up for success with clear instructions and plenty of opportunities to practice.

Honest Conversations & Feedback

Freelancer life is not all highlights and high fives.

There are real struggles and challenges to running a photography, graphic design, or other creative business. 

And nobody really talks about it. 

Bring your obstacles and questions about being successful and I will lead a focused discussion to share wisdom, techniques, experiences, and resources, so that we all walk away with an ah-ha or a plan of action.

Aura McKay, founder of Business of Creativity With Laptop Circle

Hi. I’m Aura McKay.

As the Founder of Business of Creativity, I am passionate about supporting creative freelancers and solopreneurs to have a life and make a living doing work you love. 

I am a huge fan of the group coaching and mastermind format.

You know how it is always easier to solve someone else’s problems? And how your own challenges get solved when you see how someone else approaches it? And how you are way more consistent at working on your business when you have a deadline?

As a trained and experienced mastermind facilitator, I help you to leverage the full power of shared group knowledge, resources, and contacts to accelerate your results.

Of course, I also bring my own experience as an international award winning photographer, expertise in financial management and marketing communications, and years of experience coaching other creatives. 

A mastermind is a group of individuals that come together to create more powerful results than we can by working on our own. 

Meetings are hosted on zoom (link sent after you register), are not recorded (to give people more room to be fully authentic), and usually run between 60 to 90 minutes.

We start at 4pm (pst).