Building Confidence in Creative Business: A Must-Have Skill for Success

As a creative freelancer, mastering the art of business confidence is not just beneficial; it’s essential for success. This blog post delves into why confidence often trumps competence and how you can build that confidence within your own creative freelancing business. 

The Paradox of Confidence Over Competence

You’ve probably noticed that some people with mediocre creative skills are thriving in their businesses. It’s not their creative talents that are attracting clients, but rather their confidence in both their craft and their business. As creatives, we’re often told to let our work speak for itself. And that ‘might’ work if you have really experienced buyers or are already a top of mind brand. However, without confidence, even the most skilled and talented creatives might struggle to succeed.

Female creative freelancers practices here craft

The Impact of Confidence in Creative Fields

Why do some highly talented creatives find it hard to grow their businesses? It all boils down to confidence. Confidence in your skills, your pricing, and the value you bring to the table enables your prospects and clients to overlook minor gaps in experience in favour of the trust your confidence builds. A lack of practical skills is a relatively easy gap to close by taking a course and practicing. 

Overcoming imposter syndrome helps build business confidence

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Many of us have experienced imposter syndrome.  That feeling of being afraid that ‘they’ are going to figure out that you don’t actually know what you’re doing or maybe you’re just not good enough, or at the very least, far less competent when comparing yourself to others. The antidote? Stop comparing. Every creative brings something unique to the table, and there’s a market for every skill level. Building confidence in what makes *you* unique will help you understand the value you bring to your clients. In fact YOU are often the key factor in a client buying decision. There are actually a lot of ways to overcome imposter syndrome. 


Practical Steps to Building Confidence in Your Creative Business

1. Embrace Your Unique Value:

Understand and appreciate the unique value you bring. This is essential for building confidence in your services and in your interactions with clients.

2. Master Your Pricing Strategy:

Uncertainty in pricing can undermine your confidence. Gain knowledge, understand your costs, and practice stating your rates confidently.

Female creative business owner builds confidence through practice

3. Practice Mastery and Master Practice:

Continuous practice in your craft and business dealings will build your confidence. Whether it’s mastering new technologies or refining your sales pitch, consistent practice is key. One of the best places to start is by rehearsing your pricing and rates until the numbers no longer scare you. 

4. Take Uncertain Action: 

Confidence builds through action. Start small, test your ideas, and adjust based on the outcomes. This iterative process is invaluable for growing your confidence.Remember, “done is better than perfect.” By confidently putting your work out there, you test, learn, and adapt based on real-world feedback.

5. Keep an Inventory of Awesome: 

Maintain a record of positive feedback, successful projects, and personal milestones. This ‘inventory’ can be a powerful reminder of your capabilities and achievements, bolstering your confidence when facing new challenges. Even just jotting down 3 things that you feel good about or moved you forward before you go to bed can really help to build confidence over time. 


Further Reading and Resources

As you explore ways to build and reinforce your confidence in the business of creative freelancing, looking at confidence from different perspectives can enrich your understanding. Two standout books on the subject are Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly, which delves into the power of vulnerability and how it can foster a greater sense of self-worth and confidence, and Shawn Achor’s The Happiness Advantage, which provides compelling evidence on how happiness significantly increases productivity and success.

Brené Brown’s work, particularly, teaches us that daring to be vulnerable can transform the way we live, love, parent, and lead, making it a critical read for anyone looking to enhance their personal and professional life. Similarly, Shawn Achor’s insights remind us that happiness (aka confidence) is not just a result but a precursor to success, helping us understand why a positive outlook is crucial for building a thriving creative career.

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