If you are a photographer, videographer, writer, designer, or creative freelancer of any kind, you've probably heard about narrowing your niche or creating an ideal client profile more times than you can count.

And you may be asking yourself….but why? Why do I need to know my ideal client?

Why will excluding people help me get more clients?
Why does it matter so much that I focus on one kind of client?
What does it even mean to know my ideal client?

Do I really need to niche?

This episode of Coaching For Creatives explains the benefits of knowing your ideal client and what it actually means to niche.

0:23 Why Does Knowing Your Ideal Client Matter
0:46 The Three Main Questions That I Hear The Most
1:14 Excluding People To Get More Clients
2:28 Being More Focused In Your Messaging
3:55 The Number One Misconception Of Niching Down
4:34 Focusing For Reputation And Credibility
5:27 Having Your Primary Market And Your Secondary Market
6:46 Why Focus Matters
7:07 What Do We Mean By Ideal Client
7:22 A True Story From Photography School
8:20 I Was A Reluctant Entrepreneur
9:50 Having A Niche Versus Marketing To A Particular Client
10:52 Being A Freelancer Is Almost 80% Business
11:03 Niching Can Be Very Scary
11:47 Building A Business Around Style Or Around A Subject
12:05 Talking Directly To Our Specific Ideal Client
12:17 We Build Relationships One At A Time
13:53 The Right Time To Expand To A Bigger Market
14:41 Don’t Worry About Excluding Too Many People
15:58 My Fantastic Mini Course Called Make Freelance Offers That Close

Here's the link to learn how you can make freelance offers that close sales:  https://www.businessofcreativity.ca/strategy