We all know that having a niche to use as a way to focus your time, effort, and energy in your business and to use to simplify your marketing and attract more projects you love.

What usually stops freelance photographers from actually leveraging all the benefits of having a niche is that it can be really hard to find your niche, especially for multi-passionate creatives like you.

Three ways to find your niche

3 ways to find your niche as a freelance creative As a professional photographer for almost 2 decades, I am someone who truly loves the process of photographing (maybe you can relate with your creative skills?) regardless of the subject or how and who was going to use the images.  

Overtime, my style evolved as a experimented with different ways of creating and finishing (editing) the images.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is the many benefits of having a niche far outweigh the discomfort of having to choose or find a niche. And….that the main purpose of having a niche is to focus your marketing and make it easier to attract work you love.

And yet, it can still be challenging to know how to actually find YOUR niche. So here are three different ways that photographers and other creatives can find their niche.

Find your niche based on your subjects. 

Finding your niche based on subjects your photographOne of the ways that you can find your niche is to look at what are the subjects that you want to be working with, that you want to be photographing or have in front of your camera. 

You can be a people photographer. You can be a product photographer. You could be a landscape photographer, you could be an architectural photographer. 

These are all different ways that you could niche based on your subject. And within that niche you can offer lots of different kinds of services or do lots of different kinds of styles of photography for lots of different kinds of clients. 

The second way that you can niche is based on your usage. 

Niching your business based on usage is almost like talking about target market. Usage is more about how people and businesses use your images. 

Using usage to help find your niche in photographyFor instance, you might focus on editorial work for magazines. And within that niche you could be shooting products, people, spaces, or events. The magazine usage would be your niche.

For those of you that are in small towns or you are in smaller markets, you might have to still be doing lots of different kinds of subjects and you might be doing them for lots of different kinds of clients. You might be thinking, okay, how do I then niche my business if I have lots of different clients and lots of different subjects.

Well, the last way that you as a photographer can niche your business is by looking at your style.

Using style to find your niche in your photography business.

Identifying your style can help you find your nicheYou can create a brand and a business based on a specific style of photography. Composite photographers often are doing this because they’re creating a very specific way of finishing an image to create a style of image.

You find that there’s photojournalistic style, there’s natural light style, there’s very soft style. There’s very crisp and clean and sharp styles. There’s all different ways of defining your style that can help you niche your business.

It can take time to get clear enough about your photography style to be able to align your business and marketing around it as your niche. 

 Finding a niche for your freelance business is about focusing your time, effort, and energy so that you can simplify your marketing and make it easier to find work you love. 

 You know that finding your niche is important. You know now that there are three ways that you can do it.

And I get it that even after watching this video, you might still have no idea what your niche is. 

Book a call with me. Let’s have a conversation. 

And… maybe by finding your niche, you can simplify your marketing, simplify your business, and start to earn more money doing work that you love.