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Today I held the first of a live delivered mini-course called “Making Freelance Offers That Close”. While I was teaching the course I noticed that my students were gobsmacked when I shared the key to attracting clients. And it occurred to me that there are lots of you who didn’t sign up for a four-day mini-class. I get it, you’re tired of all of those free webinars that end up being big, long sales pitches or personal journey stories.

And… you still want to know how to attract freelance clients.

Here’s the key, I’m just going to give it to you because it’s so deceptively simple. 

The key to attracting freelance clients is to have a clear message, consistently delivered, that leads to a compelling offer.


Hand Holding a Camera Lens Looking at a Landscape - Business of Creativity Article on Freelance ClientsWhat is The Cornerstone

If you have a clear marketing message and you can consistently deliver it AND it leads to a compelling offer, you will be attracting clients consistently and they will be clients that you love and want to work with. 

They will be clicking on your discovery call buttons. They will be saying yes to having the opportunity to discover whether to work with you. And… interestingly enough, if you want to close more sales, a compelling offer is also the key to closing sales more successfully.

 So… when you look at that, the cornerstone to both successful marketing and sales is a compelling offer. But so many of us don’t start with the compelling offers. Instead, we start with asking “what’s my marketing message?”, or “how can I be more consistent in my posting?”. 


Brown Map Table with Open Notebook, Compass, and Camera - Business of Creativity Article on Attracting Freelance ClientsStarting With the End In Mind

Both of those questions are critically important. And for many, you are already being consistent and feel like you have a clear message. Yet it doesn’t seem to be leading you to actual clients or inquiries. 

It’s quite possible that you’ve set up your consistent marketing and a clear message around your general business idea or your general business brand… but not to promote your specific services.

Instead, focus on targeting your message to a specific market or a specific kind of client that is actually ready to buy from you. One of the ways that we can be focused and strategic in our marketing is by having a very compelling offer that is the end game, the destination. 


We are the guides of our client’s journey, and part of guiding someone is knowing where you want them to end up; knowing what the destination is.


Two Hands, White Background, Passing a Black Heart - Business of Creativity Article on Attracting Freelance ClientsGet Specific About Who It’s For

A compelling offer is your destination and speaks to your ideal clients about their desired outcome in a powerful and persuading way, such that it causes them to take action. 

It starts with who you’re talking to. You need to know who that ideal client is, who that specific offer is for. 

Your marketing – creating your offer, crafting your message, and figuring out where you’re going to be consistent and what consistent means… it’s all based on who you’re talking to.

It’s important to be focused on one particular area of your market because the desired outcomes and the powerful language of your offer are going to be really compelling to the specific people who want and need it.


Diverse Group of Creative Freelancers, Mixed Gender, Business Setting, Woman is Standing - Business of Creativity Article on Freelance ClientsWhy You Need Specific Compelling Offers In Your Marketing

A compelling offer speaks about your value to the company in relation to their desired outcomes. It is essentially the same offer, presented differently so that it can be compelling for that ideal client.

The message when marketing to the professional services industry,  such as lawyers or real estate agents, will be different than when marketing to an Agency as a subcontractor. You might be wanting to do logo work for both, but you’re not going to say to an Agency that creating a logo is about  “helping them look professional and connect to their clients”. 

Instead, get specific about the outcome for that Agency prospect. For example: “I can help your clients look good”, “I can take the workload off of your plate”, or “I can free you up to go and do more of the creative work”.

Whereas, if you’re talking to a doctor or an accountant, you would talk about what the value and outcome of having a great logo might do for them. And that’s the difference between just having your services listed versus having compelling offers. 


Having a generalized offer on your website is great. But for your marketing, we want to have that clear marketing message, consistently delivered, that leads to a specific compelling offer.


The Key To Marketing Mastery

I don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions. I don’t believe in secret formulas or magic wands. I do believe in frameworks and I believe that the successful framework for attracting clients to your freelance business is about using the key. 

And the key has three parts:

  •  a clear message
  •  consistent delivery
  • leading to a compelling offer

 And when you have those three parts of the key, you can unlock the secret to attracting great clients to your creative freelance business.  The sooner you can start getting those, unlocking those keys to attracting your ideal clients, the sooner you can start closing more sales, making more money, and living that dream of having a life and making a living doing work that you love.

If you are struggling with this, if you don’t really know how to prepare your compelling offer, I can help. Book a free strategy call with me today.